Friendship Group

Every Thursday 10am – 12 noon

Many years ago now I was working for ‘Faith in Elderly people Leeds,’ looking at the needs, especially the spiritual needs of people who have dementia and their carers.

As I listened to the stories of these people I asked, ‘what is the one thing that would help you?” the same answer came again and again.

Friendship. Having someone to talk to who would be accepting and understanding. It was not only the carer who said this; those with dementia said it too; a visit from an old friend would have meant so much to them. It didn’t seem like a lot to ask, and yet it seemed to be commonplace that when dementia struck, visitors would dwindle away and the carer was left to care alone.

God heard their cry. And as I was reflecting on this situation, so was the minister at Trinity, we had a conversation about how we could help and the Friendship Club was born.

The person with dementia and their carer go together, but are cared for individually. So the person with dementia can tell the same story over again to willing listeners, and the carer’s can begin to form friendships and their own support group. At this group people are not only accepted but they are valued and loved, it is indeed a place where true friendship does flourish.

The friendship club is run by volunteers from many churches in Airborough

Seniors sitting round a table
It takes place every Thursday morning from 10am – 12 noon

There is tea and coffee and marvellous cake and best of all, a warm welcome for everyone. So if you are caring for someone with dementia and feeling a bit lost come and join us, we would love to see you.

Gaynor Hammond


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