Christmas Tree Festival 2016

57100_a-christmas-tree-festival-at-oxburgh-hallChristmas Tree Festivals elsewhere have proved to be ideal event to do just this. When they are held annually, they are often eagerly awaited as a significant date in the calendar: many people look forward to it and will go out of their way to take part. This is especially the case in small towns and villages where the local Christmas Tree Festival becomes the meeting place and talking point for so many and for so long.

Trinity Church, Rawdon will launch its first Christmas Tree Festival this year and we would like to invite you, as a local group, school, organisation, or business to decorate a tree which will be exhibited in the Church from Saturday 3rd December and throughout the Christmas Season. We hope that this event will give rise much networking between the groups in the area and that this will be of great benefit to all and in many ways.

Our wish is that the Christmas Tree Festival will become an established annual event in this community and that local people will look forward to it each year. We would therefore be most grateful for your support as we begin this initiative.

The Christmas Tree Festival will not only be used as a fundraiser, but also as an opportunity for local businesses to advertise and connect and of course we will have fun together as we show off our creative and artistic talents.

According to the research that I have done, Christmas Tree Festivals that have become established annual events have proved to also have a positive impact on the local businesses and economy of the area. So my hope is that together we can make this event a blessing both to those taking part and those enjoying the fruits of our labour.

If you wish to be involved, please complete the application for below and return it to me with a £5 donation, which will form part of our Christmas collections on behalf of Innchurches – a charity which provides shelter and food for the homeless.



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