Breakfast Club

Calling all teenagers!

  • Want something to do on a Sunday morning?
  • Church not really your thing?
  • Not an early riser?
  • Fancy the idea of breakfast and maybe meeting a few new friends?

If you can probably say ‘yes’ to most of these then the Breakfast Club could be just what you are looking for: Just a friendly place to get together, have some breakfast and relax. No sermons, no hymns, no preacher, no pews – Sit in comfy chairs, play some of your music, have a chat, drink tea or coffee (or juice, or water…), eat breakfasty type things and play a few games.

Want to express your opinion without adults telling you what to think? do it.
Want to sit quietly and listen? that’s all good.
Want to be treated like you’re important? it’s not like you are important – you are important and what you say, what you think, what you decide, goes.

It’s your choice, it’s your time, it’s  your place.


OK, so there are a few adults around to get breakfast ready and give you some ideas on what to talk about, but it’s up to you to decide what you want to do. Not only that, but the adults will sit and listen to what you want to say and find out what you think about what’s going on in the church, the local area and the world today.

Come along and try it, if you don’t like it you can always change it – It’s all up to you!

At the moment the Breakfast Club runs from sometime around 10:30 to sometime around 11:45 on the third Sunday in every month – You don’t have to book, be there on time or leave at a particular time (Although the breakfasty stuff doesn’t always last for too long, but there’s always toast available!).

Anything you want to know – just email us on and we’ll get back to you (At the moment this email goes to an adult, but we’ll try and arrange for one of the ‘clubbers’ to take this over soon 🙂 )




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